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Sylvan Township will be open to the public starting Monday July 12, 2021

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Draft Agenda September 23, 2021 Sept 23 CHELSEA HILLCREST AMENDMENT TO FINAL SITE PLAN POST TO WEBSITE LAYOUT removal of sidewalks Chelsea Hillcrest amended PC21-004 forms Chelsea Hillcrest amended PC21-004 site plan Memorialization Decisions October 25, 2018 Chelsea Hillcrest LLC Final Site Plan Approval with conditions Email documentation: From: Bill Maier Sent: Thursday, September 23, […]
Consumers Energy continues to work on the City Gate at 1745 Hayes Road.  The work will continue into the fall with work on the transmission pipeline from October 4-18th.  On October 5-6 we will be venting gas in the area.  People in the immediate area may hear a loud noise similar to a jet engine […]
ZBA Agenda Sept 15 2021 ZBA Sept 15 2021 1704 Ridge Rd. public hearing notice 1704 Ridge Road Site Plan 9-15-21 1704 Ridge Rd survey ZBA 9-15-21 1704 Ridge Rd ZBA forms 09-15-21 1704 Ridge Rd ZBA mailing labels Sept 15 2021 ZBASR 1704 Ridge Rd. Sept 15 2021  
Planning Commission draft Agenda August 26 2021 Rezoning Documents for Special Permit Use Kalmbach Kern Rezoning Prelim Site Plan and Special Use Pierce Rd Kerns Dykema Gossett Letter Pierce Rd. Project Description for Kerns Special Land Use Pierce Rd. Signed Conditional Zoning Ordinance Amendment Application Pierce Rd KERNS 6-22-21 Preliminary Special Use Site Plan Pierce […]