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Author: Rod Branham

Planning Commission draft Agenda August 26 2021 Rezoning Documents for Special Permit Use Kalmbach Kern Rezoning Prelim Site Plan and Special Use Pierce Rd Kerns Dykema Gossett Letter Pierce Rd. Project Description for Kerns Special Land Use Pierce Rd. Signed Conditional Zoning Ordinance Amendment Application Pierce Rd KERNS 6-22-21 Preliminary Special Use Site Plan Pierce […]
Zoning Board Meeting Documents Date Change Notice   ZBA August 25 2021 Zoom Notice   ZBA public notice August 25 2021 546 Highland Dr. public hearing notice   210517 – ZBA Action Plan   210510 CCL20 – SK-1 – Area Below Grade – Existing and Proposed 06-10-2021   546 Highland- Site Plan set   546 […]